Private Client Services

  • Understanding You

    “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  –Anais Nin

    We believe that understanding each client is the most important role we perform. Armed with a thorough understanding of how you see things, we can then build strategies and long-term solutions that provide a comfortable fit. This involves meeting with family members to gain a full understanding of family dynamics and concerns in order to set goals and priorities based on your vision.

    For example, concerns and goals can be focused on:

    • Confidence that cash flow can be maintained for lifetimes
    • Balancing the need for income and growth between generations (older generations have the capital – and estate tax liability – while younger generations lack capital to drive growth and accumulation goals)
    • Establishing processes that incent younger generations rather than engendering a sense of entitlement
    • Vision – each family member has a different view as to the highest and best use of available resources
    • Family unity – how can we best utilize our human capital, intellectual capital and financial capital to unify generations

    Strategy Development

    We believe that preparing for life goals requires a great deal of analysis to determine what assets are available for growth and whether resources are available for causes and organizations the family cares about.

    Strategies will be developed with our input – and yours – in order to work together over the long term to strengthen your financial condition. That means looking beyond the stark arithmetic and continually asking ourselves if results are tracking the goals you defined as important.

    Putting It All Together

    “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.” –Beverly Sills

    We refuse to believe that the needs of our clients can be standardized. Clients are not deposited into preset buckets of asset classes in order to “service” a large number of clients. Rather, we bring solutions from a variety of areas that position client assets consistent with their beliefs, values, goals, interests and risk orientation.

    When it comes to wealth management services, our advice combined with a deep bench of outside specialists allows us to coordinate seamless solutions for clients and their families. Of course, we are always open to work with a family’s existing advisors.

    We believe that our understanding of you combined with the expertise of these specialists (for example, trust & estate attorneys, CPA’s, private bankers, trust officers, insurance specialists, valuation firms, personal security firms and bill pay services) allows us to deliver integrated, process-driven solutions that can strengthen financial capital, human capital and intellectual resources within the family for generations.

    Passing More Than Assets

    “Paradoxically, families often learn more about long-term wealth preservation through the process of learning to give away than by the process of learning to accumulate and spend.” –James E. Hughes, Jr.

    We believe that families who have been successful sustaining wealth over generations can attribute success to a healthy environment that promotes communication, alignment of goals and shared values. In many cases, a common philanthropic goal can be the key to driving values across multiple generations.

    We can assist families to establish guidelines for family meetings, develop and promote communication, create forums to perpetuate family values and prepare successor generations with leadership development and education.