Sleepwalking Toward a Precipice (Book)

So, we spent a bit of time last year putting out the three part series “Sleepwalking Toward a Precipice”.

The purpose was to boil down many issues we see impacting growth and market returns into short reads with fun illustrations so anyone could spend a short amount of time getting up to speed on a raft of different issues and decide how they might want to position their portfolios going forward (we suggested some “tactical” methods).

We decided to put the pieces together in a paperback, now on Amazon. It makes for an interesting and funny one hour read, a nice coffee table book, conversation piece, reference, and/or gift (to someone who needs a “mean diversion”).

Proceeds go to Amazon not Cravens Brothers (i.e., we make no money off it).

Sleepwalking Toward A Precipice